500 Iron Jali Designs. Price & Details-2023.

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Here we are going to mention more than 500 Iron Jali designs, their usage, and their price.

FYI the designs of Iron Jalis are the same as the Steel Jali designs, which we have already mentioned, the main difference between the two is the material and the cost. There are some other differences which we discuss later.

For more information regarding Jali, you can go through various Jali designs and check more than 1000 Jali design images.

Iron Jali designs
Main gate Iron Jali design

What is Iron Jali design?

Like steel Jali, Iron Jalis too are designed by a CNC router machine or laser cutting machine to obtain a specific pattern, which is used for various home decorative purposes, you can see in the above picture of an iron jali gate design. You can choose between iron Jali or stell Jali with the same pattern. Iron Jali designs are also known as MS Jali designs (mild steel).

Now the steel or iron Jali designs are increasingly popular and replacing the traditional iron gates. The high-level accuracy of the designs or patterns by CNC technology makes them unique and eye-catching.

Why do you choose Iron Jali Designs?

When safety is a concern there is no substitute for Iron or steel. Isn’t it? It is a durable and secure option with minimum expenses. It keeps the area ventilated, without blocking the light while still maintaining privacy. Also, it should not deteriorate with any kind of insects or termites and its fire resistance property makes it even more secure.

In addition, you can paint it in whatever color you want, which makes the whole design a symmetric look.

Usage of Iron Jali Designs

Iron Jali is being used in many ways, for both home interior and exterior applications.

Most households prefer Iron jali designs in their main gate. There are various patterns below from which you can select for your iron Jali gate design.

You also can use it for your entrance main door. Iron Jali door designs are the 2nd most popular thing for many after the main gate. It may be a safety door fully made with iron or a wooden door with iron Jali designs.

The 3rd you can use it on the balcony railing. A beautiful Jali pattern with many color options makes it another cool choice.

The staircase railing is another option for you to decorate with iron Jali. A good color combination with your home interior provides a classic look.

Let’s check some iron jali designs which you can consider.

Iron Jali Designs

As I said earlier the design of Iron Jalis is the same as steel Jali. For your ease, I will provide some of it here.

You can check more images here.

Check More Than 500 iron Jali Designs (same as steel Jali designs)

Iron Jali vs Steel Jali. Which one is better?

Both are strong and secure to install. while steel Jali provides a glossy look whereas iron provides a classical look. Steel jali barely needs any maintenance while iron jali needs painting in a couple of years. Iron or MS Jalis are not good for coastal regions.

You can paint iron jali designs with multiple colors to give them a customized look whereas you can’t do the same with steel. Also, iron jali is more cost-effective than that steel jali designs.

Is iron a good material to use in the home’s interior and exterior?

Iron is one of the popular materials used in home interior and exterior applications. It looks good except for one thing ie: rust. It gets rusted easily. It needs proper care like painting every couple of years. That’s why many people prefer steel to iron especially in an exterior application. I will not recommend iron for exterior use for those who are in the coastal regions.

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