Paint Coverage. 1 liter paint cover how much area?

How to enhance paint coverage? , paint coverage of various paint brands, oil, Distemper, enamel, and emulsion paint coverage per liter, wall putty coverage, primer coverage, A detailed guide.

“Paint coverage per liter” or “1 liter paint cover how much area” is a common question among many households before going to paint their homes.

That’s why I decided to provide you with a detailed guide about the paint coverage of various types of paints, wall putty, and primer so that you can get a clear idea before the painting work.

I have already discussed “How you can measure the amount of paint for any room?” where I mentioned all the details like the requirement of wall putty, primer, labor charge, and the overall cost.

But you know the coverage of the paint depends mostly upon the paint type. So, here we are specific about paint coverage per liter with various types of paints like oil, Distemper, enamel, and emulsion along with the coverage of wall putty and primer.

Paint coverage per liter

What is Paint Coverage

Paint coverage is the specific area covered by a certain amount of paint. It is measured mostly in square feet per liter. That means the amount of surface area (measured in sq. ft) is covered by 1 liter of paint.

Paint is one of the crucial parts to plan an interior design project. Some type of paint covers more area with 1 liter of paint than others. So it is important to determine the coverage of the paint you choose for your project as it will impact the overall cost of the project.

So, before going for the actual coverage of various paints you should know why you are not getting the actual coverage as specified by the paint companies.

Factors affecting Paint coverage

One thing I observed in many projects is, most households are confused by the coverage of the paint.

“Why they are not getting the coverage area specified by many paint companies?”

There are certain things that affect the paint coverage. The coverage of paint is influenced by many factors such as the type of paint, paint color, the method of application, type of surface, surface porosity, etc.

Before discussing various paint coverage per liter it’s important to know the factor affecting paint coverage so that you can maximize the coverage area.

Type of Surface

1st you should consider what type of surface you are painting. Is it a rough surface or properly polished by wall putty, primer, and sanding as per specification?

A rough or textured wall requires more paint to cover the gaps evenly whereas a properly polished surface will require less paint for the same area.

Surface Porosity

The porosity of various surfaces differs from surface to surface and hence the absorbency of the paint.

For example, a porous surface like drywall absorbs more paint than metal or wood. Hence the coverage of a nonporous surface is higher than that of a porous surface.

Method of application

You should follow the right way of paint application to enhance the paint coverage area.

1st you should follow the paint application guidelines of the paint company you buy from, like proper application of putty, primer, sanding instructions, water dilution, and recoat times.

Skill of the Painter

For better coverage and finishing you should pick a well-skilled painter.

A properly trained painter applies the right amount of paint evenly with the correct technique like applying how much pressure while rolling or brushing, application of putty, primer, and sanding as per the instruction, etc. which results in better coverage and less waste of paint.

Nowadays most paint companies have their own set of well-trained painters. You can contact them or choose a professional organization that serves your area.

Paint Color

In most cases, the color of the paint affects the coverage, and many fail to determine the actual coverage area due to the selection of color.

Most paint companies specified their paint coverage per liter as per the base color and that does not mean that any color can achieve the specified coverage.

The coverage area gradually decreases as the color goes darker. The coverage of the light shade of colors is more than that of dark shades. So, you should pick the color wisely if you want a higher paint coverage.

Types of Paint

And finally, the most important factor that influences the paint coverage area is the type of paint.

There are various types of paint like oil paint, Distemper, enamel, and emulsion. Some of them are oil-based and some are water-based. Oil-based paints have high viscosity and are hence thicker, resulting in low coverage. Whereas water-based paints have low viscosity and are hence thinner, resulting in good coverage.

Let aside the technical things and move to the next part and discuss the actual paint coverage per liter for various brands available in the market. Also, I will discuss primer coverage per liter and various wall putty coverage per kg too.

Paint coverage per liter

There are various paints available in the market with different price points and coverage. From economical paint options like distemper to premium emulsion, all have different coverage.

Here we are going to discuss 1 liter paint coverage for various brands and their various paint products so that you can compare the coverage of various paints from various paint brands.

But before this, I will clear you one thing when I discuss various paint product coverage I specifically discuss it for 2 coats as specified by the company as we all know 2 coats is a minimum requirement to paint anything.

Asian paint coverage per liter

Asian paint is a leading manufacturer of paints in India and produces various paints for walls (both interior and exterior), wood and metal paint, putty, primer, and various other paint-related product.

So let’s discuss Asian paint coverage per liter for its various products as per company recommendation.

Asian Paint
Product Name
Type of
Coverage with
1 Coat/1 liter
Coverage with
2 Coats/1 liter
Royale SeriesInterior250-310 sq. ft120-160 sq. ft
Apcolite SeriesInterior250-300 sq. ft130-150 sq. ft
Tractor SeriesInterior240-270 sq. ft120-140 sq. ft
Apex ultimaExterior90-130 sq. ft50-65 sq. ft
ApexExterior110-130 sq. ft50-65 sq. ft
AceExterior110-130 sq. ft50-65 sq. ft
Tractor Enamel
Metal140-170 sq. ft75-95 sq. ft
Apcolite Enamel
Metal180-280 sq. ft90-130 sq. ft
Asian paint coverage per liter

Berger paint coverage per liter

Berger paint is one of the popular paints in India and many people prefer this paint brand for their homes for its quality and service. It manufactures various paints like paint for interior and exterior walls, wood and metal paint, putty, primer, and many other paint products.

Let’s know Berger paint coverage per liter for its various paints.

Berger Paint
Product Name
Type of
Coverage with
2 Coats/1 liter
Berger Bison
Interior50-55 sq. ft
Berger Bison
Acrylic Emulsion
Interior130-150 sq. ft
Berger Silk
Interior150-170 sq. ft
Berger RangoliInterior100-120 sq. ft
Berger Weathercoat
Long life
Exterior70-75 sq. ft
Berger Weathercoat
Anti Dust
Exterior60-65 sq. ft
Berger Weathercoat
Exterior55-60 sq. ft
Berger Walmasta
Exterior50-60 sq. ft
Berger Luxol
PU Enamel
Metal100-130 sq. ft
Berger Butterfly
GP Enamel
Metal70-90 sq. ft
Berger paint coverage per liter

Dulux Paint Coverage per liter

Dulux is an internationally available paint brand. It is one of the oldest paint brands and provides its service to many countries. It offers varieties of paints.

Let’s know Dulux paint coverage per liter for its various paints.

Dulux Paint
Product Name
Type of
Coverage with
2 Coats/1 liter
Dulux LifemasterInterior110-120 sq. ft
Dulux XpertInterior100-110 sq. ft
Dulux DiamondInterior100-110 sq. ft
Dulux New Diamond
Exterior65-105 sq. ft
Dulux WeatherguardExterior100-110 sq. ft
Dulux Metalclad
Metal115-135 sq. ft
Dulux Paint Coverage per liter

JSW paint coverage per liter

JSW paints is a new paint brand in the Indian market. Till now it has launched a couple of products and looks promising for the future.

Let’s discuss the coverage of JSW paints per liter so that you can compare it with Asian paints and other paint brands.

JSW Paint
Product Name
Type of
Coverage with
2 Coats/1 liter
Halo Majestic InteriorsInterior140-160 sq. ft
Aurus Regal InteriorInterior130-150 sq. ft
Pixa Elegant InteriorInterior120-130 sq. ft
Pixa Joy classic InteriorInterior90-100 sq. ft
Halo Majestic ExteriorsExterior55-65 sq. ft
Aurus Regal ExteriorExterior50-60 sq. ft
Pixa Elegant ExteriorExterior50-60 sq. ft
Halo Aquaglo Majesticwood/Metal95-110 sq. ft
JSW paint coverage per liter

How much is the wall putty coverage per 1 kg?

Look wall putty coverage per kg depends upon various factors such as the type of surface, type of putty, method of application, and the quality of the putty. Acrylic base putty covers more area than cement-based putty. Cement-based putty cover 10-18 sq. ft per kg for 2 coats where as acrylic putty covers 20-25 sq. ft per kg for 2 coats.

What is the Asian wall putty coverage area per kg?

There are various types of putty Asian paints offers like cement-based putty, acrylic-based putty, and water-based putty. The coverage of these putties differs from one to another. Asian paints cement-based putty covers 10 to 18 sq. ft per kg for 2 coats while acrylic-based putty covers 20 to 50 sq. ft per kg for 2 coats and water-based Asian paints putty covers 15-18 sq. ft per 1 kg for 2 coats and 30-35 sq. ft per 1 coat.

How many square foot does a 1-liter primer covers?

The coverage of primer is generally higher than that of paints. The interior primer covers a maximum of 200 to 280Sq. Ft per 1 Litre with 1 coat where as the exterior primer covers 120 – 140 sq. Ft. per Litre for 1 coat.

What is the 20-liter paint coverage area?

Look, the coverage area of paints depends upon various factors which we already discussed in this article and mentioned the coverage area of various paints of different paint brands. If you want to know an average figure then the coverage for interior paint varies between 120-160 sq. ft per liter and 50-100 sq. ft for exterior paint for 2 coats depending upon the variety. Hence a 20-liter paint covers 2400-3200 sq. ft (interior paint) and 1000-2000 sq. ft (exterior paint) for 2 coats.

What is the enamel paint coverage per liter?

Available enamel paints in the market mostly cover 70-130 sq. ft area per liter for 2 coats and 140-280 sq. ft area per liter for 1 coat.

What is the oil paint coverage per 1 liter?

Most of the oil paints cover 70-80 sq. ft per 1 liter for 2 coats and 150-170 sq. ft for 1 coat.


In this article, we have discussed almost everything you need about the coverage of various paints and shared tips that help you to get better coverage. I have also shared the coverage area of various well-known paint brands so that you can compare them before deciding on one paint. After all, it’s better for you to ask and take help from the paint company you choosing for your home to get good coverage.

For any query, we are happy to help you. You can use the below comment box.

Thank you.

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